stuffed dates and self-reflection this week i began doing abs again 5 months a…


stuffed dates and self-reflection🤎

this week i began doing abs again

5 months ago when i began working to my goal of a better relationship with food and my body, i stopped doing abs completely. i found that whenever i did them, i did it for the wrong reason.

when i did them i began to think about my weight, and what i want to look like, and how fast i want to look like that, and how many more abs i could do to reach there.

so to heal, i just stopped completely.

for five months i haven’t done abs. but yesterday i did them. and i woke up SO SORE… obviously

after i finished my run today, i laid down on a yoga mat and tried to do them again. immediately, it started hurting.

so i listened to my body, and halfway through the workout i stopped, got up, and made some coffee.

i realized i’m going to have to ease into strength training now, not just dive into it head first.

there are still things i have to work on in my relationship with food and my body. i still have foods i steer clear from or use less of, i still have meals i feel guilty eating, i still have days where i feel like changing my body.

but today i listen, today i eat, today i ease in, and today i take one more step on my journey.

mounds stuffed dates
guys, these were soooo good. i know i say that a lot but oh my gosh, literally the perfect dessert or snack that is so quick and easy.

all you need to do is take out your desired amount of dates. cut them in the middle, not completely in half, kind of like a hot dog bun.
take a bit of coconut flakes and stuff them into each date. pinch them close as much as possible so the coconut doesn’t fall out.
melt dark chocolate.
take each date and cover in the chocolate. place on a plate and let chill for a few minutes (if you can)🤤
then enjoy!